jeudi 25 octobre 2012

What a wish

Imagine yourself a superstar? oh i do it often. Everyday when i take a bath, when i walking around, daydreaming, and imagine being a superstar such a pleasure! ha ha.
This time i claimed myself as a "America's sweetheart" which is Taylor Swift! you may think i'm crazy, oh yes i am. I'm totally insane :p

Been 2 weeks i just realized that Swift is very adorable, with the fringes hair, red lips and simple stylish. i love that! It's like an accidentaly in love with this America's sweetheart after i watched her new video "we are never ever getting back together" and saw her style, oooh so lovely!

In addition why i love her, Taylor Swift always having a super cutest boyfriend ever! Dated with Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, JOHN MAYER!!! ooh yes JOHN MAYER!! Jake Gyllenhal and now she's dating with one of the rich guy Conor Kennedy. (pasti asik di-kimpoy-in sama cowok-cowok itu *eh*) Oh if i were you Swift...................

Actually i'm not that freaky with all she's doing, just love her style and her tricks how to date with the super cutest boy ever! Okay maybe i'll start with coloring my hair blonde, red lips and swaging around the street...

So INDONESIA, just wait your Indonesia's Sweetheart come! *hahahahaha*
you have my permission to laugh guys!



unyuest moment with Jake Gyllenhall