jeudi 17 janvier 2013

What they said

I am so geminian (i don't believe in zodiac though :p ) they say that "Geminis are social and love spending time with friends " yeah i do love that things! Honestly, behind this flat heart and flat face, i always remember what my friends said to me. When they commented something, you guys are very spontaneous! uses silly-sarcasm to have a laugh! and i like that.
So, no wonder why i always keep what they said on my mind, they such a wise-absurd and these comments below, are the comments that i remember the most.

"ini di Perancis, lo mau ngapain juga terserah lo" - Ibong 21 yo

"aww Edith, don't miss France too much! it was cold and unfriendly! our countries are much better"  - Angela Moran 22 yo

"hmm bedain antara gengsi and taking control" - Ilham 22 yo

"si Edith engga di Perancis, engga di Indonesia, kena melulu sama pacar orang" - Danu 22 yo

"kalau kata a Eki, orang kayak Edith pasti bisa sukses" - Dinda 22 yo 

"Edith cita-citanya setinggi langit, temennya bung karno ya" - Ria 22 yo

"enggak mungkin tau temenan beda jenis bisa sedeket itu kalau awalnya engga ada reason nya" - Dita 22 yo

"lepaskan semua yang membuat lo menghambat" - Iqbal 27 yo

"jangan-jangan nanti kalau Edith pegang tangannya, bisa-bisa ngompol" -Dinda 22 yo

"kalau lo engga mau, sini buat gue! mateng noh bule sekali jadi" - Wina 22 yo

"kalau sampe nanti beneran pacaran sama suami orang, jangan harap gue kenal sama lo" - Laras 23 yo

"haha anjir ye ni anak kelainan, odipus complex." - Ilham 22 yo

"pesen gue cuma satu, ikutin aja alurnya" - Ilham 22 yo

"santai aja sist, lo tuh telat belum lulus juga bukan karena main-main, tapi lo kan ke Perancis" - Fariz 24 yo

"kalau lo santai, engga mungkin kepikiran" - Laras 23 yo

"kalau gue suka gue pasti minta nomernya, kalau lo yakin suka lo minta nomernya kalau engga yakin, engga usah" - Sophie 21 yo

You see? they're so completely absurd. ha ha.

vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Optimistic & be true

Hello blog world!

So long i didn't land my fingers to writemotional something in here. Oh what? writemotional? writemotional is an expression, (was created by myself :p ) because when i'm bloging, i often wrote with feeling, so there's always a sense of something and purpose behind the words. he he he.

Do you really realize that we're already in 2013?
Time flies like a partical of dust. Every year we just made a love, hate, laugh, and also sadness. Those elements are exists in our life, isn't it?  But, everything depends on yourself. You could manage your own! your happiness, sadness and everything! I do believe that.
So, here we are on 2013.....
2013 is about: new experience, another journey, the power, luck, saving money, full of joy, grateful, blessing, more educated, high standard, getting better and dozens of surprise await. :)
2013 will be different for me! i'm sure of that!! 2013 WILL BE DIFFERENT! I'm suuureeeee!!
I choose my happiness, i drag the cool things and everyday i'll put myself into the good mood, oh No more shit,cause i just dropped out the past! *wink*  ( yes i will ) 

Voilà! 2013 could be awesome! more aweseome. more awesome. more awesome. 2013 will be different! yes it is.
Do what you want to do, use your brain, your intuition and it's ok to be an asshole as long as you keep the hole small (ha ha) :-p