jeudi 21 février 2013

The point of being me

Daydreaming, it's like a part of my life. Sitting, do nothing and être dans la lune it's a habit, the principal thing in my life i guess. When i just sat on the public transport or in the bathroom (bathroom so typical :-p ) the best thing to do is make a plan on my mind, hell yeah plan for the future or just a self-reflection. It's not a job but it's the one of my favorite things.

Sometimes i prefer to be alone, relax, daydreaming and indulge in fantasies than being in a group  and make a shit. (shit in here means: talking and judging about someone or pretend to be perfect to talk about the wickedness of other people) what a bullshit, it's a completely shit! I don't care if someone told me "aah you're just so freak, random and you live in your fantasy and blablabla" ta gueule toi! it is not your business! When someone always keep to know what others do, oh c'mon you're not even enjoy your life and if you die young, you'll die with a lack of happiness, lack of experience. Too bad.

I was there once. Yeah, stay in a group of shit like keep talked about the mistakes of others, ouyeah it was fun but monotonic! You're too busy to "taking care" of the shit. So why don't you get over it and make your brain relax? Seriously, knowing every single thing about something unimportant just waste your time. So here i am after all the waves and the storms, for me judging or talking about the shit it wasn't interested anymore. This is sick! as sick as a dog. You might say: "impossibe, Editha gitu loh suka gossip, kepo dan bacot". Whatever, i don't need your comment, go ahead with your negative to me. So that's why i prefer to be alone and just meet with the people who i'm interested, cause i don't want to waste my time and won't die as an expert mocker. The game is over, i won't play again.

Forget it and make a new move. Thanks for the situation that made me like this, good bye the black side! I am not anti-social, i choose with who i want to talk, with who i want to trust. Daydreaming, imagine and fantasy, oh what a happy self-reflection! The situation changed and i am in.