vendredi 24 mai 2013

Don't mess up with Editha.

We are social creatures and we are in relationship with a lot of people.
When we met people,  we just started to learn their attitude and we will see them in every sides.
yes everything! We will learn lot of things from him or her.
This part needs rules. First thing is: Be respected.
Respect is earned through respecting both yourself and others.
Respect is also accorded to those who conduct themselves with integrity and treat others with dignity. 
If you set an example by respecting yourself, you will earn the respect of others.
For me, this one is very important.
I love to live in social.
We could have some fun, could share the stories between us, also we could expand our networking.
But, what will happen if there is someone who does not respect you in this little tiny social world? 
Yea! they just treated you with immoral and impolite. Should we slap them? Should we cursed him?
or just pray and may God pour his love and warmth on them? Should we sit idly by not saying a single word? 
It's all up to you guys! C'est comme vous vous voulez..
On my case, if someone doesn't respect to me, I would not waste my energies to get angry, 
moreover stand in silence and forgive them. Because, I am not a person who can quickly forgive the mistakes.
I prefer to: 
1. Click the delete button on Blackberry Messenger
2. Unfriend on Facebook, or 
3. Unfollow&Blocked Twitter.
So simple, and problem's solve! 

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